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HOW IT WORKS provides you with an easy-to-use way of sharing sports information with others. Once you register on our site you will have the ability to use all the analysis tools available on the site, create and join groups, network with fellow sports enthusiasts, and post blogs. You also have the ability to post your selections on sporting events. These selections will be used for two purposes: to build points in the contests and to sell your picks to others within the community. You set the token price for your picks! If someone buys one of your picks, and you picked correctly, you win! Besides posting picks, you may choose to purchase tokens that can be used to buy other members' selections as well.

Once you register with you are automatically enrolled in our monthly and seasonal contests for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF and NCAAB tournaments. click here to view prizes available (You should also check our rules section for eligibility).


Users are allowed to make a maximum of 10 picks per individual sport per week. The week begins on Tuesday at 12:00 AM EST and ends on Monday 11:59 PM EST for all sports.


Every user receives 300 points upon registering (50 points per sport). Users are ranked based on the number of points they accumulate. Points are determined by the strength of the pick you have assigned (1-10) multiplied by a factor. Successful picks are multiplied by 10 and added to your points total. Unsuccessful picks are multiplied by 5 and subtracted from your point's total. Money Line Picks do not earn any points.


  • Bob picks the Giants to cover the spread and he assigns a strength of 9 to this pick. The pick wins, so Bob earns 9*10 or 90 points.
  • Steve has a 2 team parlay, one is a spread pick, and one is an Over/Under pick, and he assigns a strength of 7. Both picks in the parlay wins, so Steve earns 10*7*2 points or 140 points.
  • Jack has a 2 team parlay, both spread picks, and he assigns strength of 6 to the pick. One of the picks in the parlay loses, but one wins, so Jack earns 10*6 - 5*6 or 30 points.

Money Line picks cannot be combined into parlays.

Points are used to determine the winners of the monthly contests for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, and NCAAB tournaments..

This point breakdown is subject to change at the discretion of


Your success rate is determined by the total points won (strength assigned * 10 for each successful pick) divided by the total sum of the strength of games assigned. Money Line Picks are not calculated as part of the success rate.


  • Bob picked 5 games each with a strength of 7, and 2 games with a strength of 9. The total number of points Bob could have earned is (5 * 7 * 10) + (2 * 9 * 10) = 530 points. However, Bob lost 2 of the games that had a strength of 7. Bob has actually earned (3 * 7 * 10) + (2 * 9 * 10) = 390 points. Bob's success rate is 390 points / 530 points or 73.58%.

The higher your success rate is, the more likely that other users will buy your picks, so make sure to only make picks you are confident in. Also, if you have a high success rate, then you will be prominently featured on

Success rates are used to determine the winners of the seasonal contests for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, and NCAAB tournaments..


Making good selections and selling them for tokens on our site can make you a lot of cash! Simply make your selections and set a token price. When users purchase your selections with their tokens, you receive 70 cents on each token if your pick wins.

For example, Bob posts 3 NFL selections for 20 tokens each. Tom purchases 2 of Bob's selections and Steve purchases 1 of Bob's selections. Bob's selections win and he has earned 60 tokens in his account. Therefore, Bob has made $42.

The more users that purchase your selections, the more money you make! pays out on earned tokens starting on the last day of every month, after you have accumulated over $100.


Referring friends can earn you a lot of cash as well. Simply refer your friends coworkers or family members to When they purchase tokens on our site you will be rewarded 5 tokens (5$ value) for each purchasing member.


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