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Tuesday Apr 25th, 2017  

 How Bout Dem Coyboys
posted 9 years ago

How Bout Dem Coyboys:

I apologize in advance for those of you that could care less about hearing
my experience, but I couldn't not jump on the computer and spread the word
about it.    Sucks that I have a flight to NoCal in just 6 hrs to go to a 2
hr meeting in the afternoon before flying to Phoenix tomorrow night.    
It's going to be a BRUTAL, BRUTAL day tomorrow....but so well worth it
after tonight.

Tonight I was like a kid in a candy store.  I flew out to Dallas for the
Cowboys game tonight on tickets that I got for my bday.    I ended up
goaling with a guy that works for our broker that I"ve known for over 4
years dating back to my days with my old company.    We were always talking
Cowboys and he loved the boys and I figured I'd ask someone that would love
to appreciate the game after a few other people turned me down.  I wasn't
especially close with this guy but I see him in the office everytime I fly
to NoCal.   I also knew that his brother lived in Dallas and had some sort
of affiliation/connection with the Cowboys...but little did I know just how

Turns out his brother is an employee for a Dallas Sports
network and produces a lot of shows related to the Cowboys, including their
Sunday morning pre-game show.    Well.....he got my buddy Brant and I media
passes for both pre-game and post-game.    We were on the field pre-game
warmups with all the media watching kickers warm up.   We then walked up
the tunnel to go to the press room before the game and about 30 minutes
efore game time as we were walking up the tunnel, Romo, Julius Jones,
Barber and Witten came out of the locker room, clapping their hands, pumped
up, bumping into each other, high fiving and I got to give them some high
fives on their way in.    It was awesome, awesome!     We then went back
down to the field to watch them warm up as more and more players came out.  
  When they all headed up the tunnel only 10 minutes before game time we
headed to our seats to watch the pre-game announcements, national anthem,
etc.   I
  got awesome video footage of the pre-game was quite an
awesome scene.

After the game, when everyone else headed out the door, we walked down,
showed our media passes and walked down to the field.   Wish we would have
gone down a few minutes earlier because we could have high fived, bumped
chests, took pictures of the players as they were leaving the field.  
Instead, we just headed up the tunnel and went into the small room they do
press conferences.  There were camera men in the back, about 20 reporters
right up at the podium and then about another 20 guys in teh room including
us.    We watched as Wade Phillips, Tony Romo, TO and Witten came in one
after another to answer questions.   Romo and Witten in jeans and tennis
shoes, and TO pimped out as can be.........they were
awesome.....unfortunately we were not allowed to take pics inside the press
room or the locker flash allowed.   After the press conferences
were over, we went into the locker room and there were a few guys left.    
Inside were only Bradie

  James (LB), Leanord Davis (a 350 lb offensive lineman) and Sam Hurd who I
believe caught his first ever TD pass which was the one that sealed the
deal as the Cowboys almost blew it.   The awesome thing about it was Hurd
was on the phone with his dad and was like a little kid (kinda like me
doing all this).  But you could hear him tell his dad......"dad.....I can't
even describe for you how awesome a feeling it was)".......and "Romo was
incredible....never seen him play so good....he was seeing the whole
field"......he was just glowing and excited and happy......and
said......"it hasn't even hit me what I just did".......

It was quite a night.   I got a lot of pretty good pics of the
players...nothing great including me unfortunately....but got a few
handshakes, punching knuckles.....and a short conversation with Jason
Garrett their rookie offensive coordinator and long time 3rd stringer to

the "it was awesome awesome" kidd
the "guy that hooked us up was such a great guy and suggested we do this
annually" kidd
the "i'm definitely taking advantage of that" kidd
teh "just happy the Cowboys won and were so explosive" kidd
the "didn't hurt that I had Romo in 2 leagues and TO in 3 of my 4" kidd
the "only league I didn't have either one......I lost.......the other
3....I won" kidd
the "How Bout Dem Cowboys" kidd

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